The Leading Provider of Crew Lodging

45 hotels across the United States provide construction, transportation, and resource sector employees with "Dark & Quiet" sleeps.

Founded in 1984, Lodging Enterprises has developed a unique accommodation concept with our purpose built, “Dark & Quiet” construction.  Specializing in lodging services to employees primarily in the construction, transportation, and resource sectors, our hotels are often located in close proximity to railroads, airports, and highway interchanges. With 45 hotels currently under management, we are now the leading provider of crew accommodation.

When Rest Matters

Based on our decades-long customer relationships, Lodging Enterprises has developed a keen understanding of the unique lodging needs and requirements of transportation companies and their employees. Our “Dark and Quiet” hotel portfolio now represents the largest and highest-quality chain of crew lodging facilities.

Consider a hotel built specifically to address the needs of your company.

How much does your organization spend each year to accommodate your employees on the road? How frequently do your personnel stay in the same general area? How satisfied are they with the value and service they receive? How satisfied are you?


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Managed to Accommodate Your Employees

Our hotels are not only located and developed to meet your unique requirements for workforce accommodation; you also receive our hospitality industry expertise and operational experience without the responsibility or liability of hotel management.

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Thanks to an incredible management team, we are able to provide a full spectrum of development and management services to satisfy the specialized needs of your mobile workforce.

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