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Lodging Enterprises is a specialized hotel management and operating company that provides lodging services to employees primarily in the construction, transportation, and resource sectors. Lodging Enterprises currently manages 45 hotels across the United States and employs more than 1,000 hospitality professionals.

We believe our Supporters (our employees) want a better way to experience the country they live in and we can make that possible.

With 45 hotels located across the United States, we have a hotel that matches your lifestyle–from the Colorado Mountains to quaint towns along America’s scenic railroads.

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We’ve recruited successful leaders from all departments of hospitality, providing all our hotels with access to some of the best and most visionary information available. “Because Lodging Enterprises is committed to their people, it’s a fantastic place to work for anyone who is opportunistic and awaiting the right situation to advance their career.”

Eric Heaney
Area General Manager