Supporter Testimonials

At Lodging Enterprises, we believe that recognition and employee engagement go hand in hand. When employees feel valued, they feel more connected to the organization. This helps to build a shared identity throughout the company, and also serves to reinforce our Shared Vision, Mission, Promise, Goal and Support Culture.

But don’t take our word for it; hear firsthand from our Supporters how we care, recognize and invest in their futures.

ONE’s People Support is Tremendous

They’ve recruited successful leaders from all departments of hospitality, providing all its hotels with access to some of the best and most visionary information available. Because ONE is committed to their people, it’s a fantastic place to work for anyone who is opportunistic and awaiting the right situation to advance their career.”

Eric Heaney, Area General Manager

My promotion validates my hard work over the past several years.

“I am appreciative that ONE is giving me the chance to advance and further my career and I’m excited about the opportunity to travel and work with a larger number of people. I thoroughly enjoy being able to generate and develop successful teams where together, we ensure that our hotels remains on the cutting edge.”

Teresa Sherwood, Area Manager