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Our hotels provide lodging services to employees across all segments of the construction, transportation, and resource sectors. We employ more than 1,000 hospitality professionals to provide exceptional guest satisfaction to not only our mobile workforce guests but also to our business and corporate guests, families and outdoor lovers alike.

When a "Dark & Quiet" Night's Sleep SPELLS Safety

“At Lodging Enterprises, we understand crew safety. Crew employees work extremely long hours in hazardous conditions and there are regulatory constraints regarding the type of rest they need. So we view ourselves as strategic partners: We can provide workers with uninterrupted sleep with our product called “Dark and Quiet”.

Brett Sundstrom, Managing Director
Lodging Enterprises

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“Support is the foundation of our ONE culture. We believe that no matter the job title, each of us serves in a role in which we support others, whether we are supporting guests directly or supporting those who directly support guests.”

Bruce Pittet, President
Lodging Enterprises

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